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A Word on “Progress”

  A Word on “Progress” What does it mean when you work with a client day in and day out over the course of months or even years? It means that you celebrate all the small victories along the way. Every single tiny step, every little moment, even something as seemingly insignificant as teaching a child to utter a single sound or helping them learn to receptively identify a picture of a butterfly. It means you become focused on the progress. We are trained to hone in on the small steps, the fundamental skills, the building blocks to successful learning.
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The Effects of ABA Therapy

      The Effects of ABA Therapy Applied behavior analysis—ABA therapy—is used by a wide range of professionals to help individuals at all age levels. It is not just one technique, but many methods utilized to encourage and improve life skills. Because of this, the effects and outcomes vary, especially as different techniques are applied to decrease, increase, maintain and transfer behaviors important to social interaction and engagement.   Some of the most common effects of ABA therapy include: Increased language Functional communication skill development Improved attention Better social skills Memory improvement Increased focus Academic skill development Decrease in
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ABA Therapy Explained

  ABA Therapy Explained           Endorsed by the U.S. Surgeon General and considered one of the best treatments by the American Psychological Association, applied behavior analysis (ABA) is one of the most popular and successful evidence-based treatments for autism.   In A Nutshell        Applied behavior analysis is an approach used to understand and modify behavior based on scientifically validated principles. Therapists use this learning program rooted in behavioral psychology to encourage and reinforce positive behaviors and discourage negative behaviors in those with autism or other developmental delays. The results range from improving social skills, communication and self-control, to school-readiness,
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