Things to do While Waiting for an Autism Evaluation

5 Things to do While Waiting for an Autism Evaluation

It is not uncommon for families to have to wait some time until their child’s diagnostic evaluation. We at ABC Behavioral Therapy know just how difficult waiting can be. If you are currently waiting for your child’s evaluation, there are some ways you can prepare below.

The first recommended way to prepare is to learn more about autism. Learning will help develop a list of questions you might want to bring up during the evaluation. This will also help you prepare to take action if your child is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Number two is to gather your child’s information. Putting all of your child’s medical records and previous developmental or behavioral evaluations your child has received in one folder is a good way to stay organized. Bring the folder and notes with you when you attend the evaluation.

The next thing you should do to prepare is learn what to expect at an evaluation. Some evaluations are run by a specialist, and some are done by a developmental pediatrician, or even psychologist. Learn about how the evaluations work and direct interaction between the provider and your child so you do not feel overwhelmed.

No matter the evaluator, the process should include a play-based and very structured assessment known as the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule. As a parent at that time, you will be asked questions about your child’s behavior development.

Number four is to arrange support. At times the evaluation might feel overwhelming and emotional, so it is good to invite someone you trust to accompany you. It will help you feel better by having someone there for you and your child.

The last one is begin researching services. Whether your child gets diagnosed or not, the evaluation might reveal a developmental delay that could benefit from services such as ABA therapy, speech therapy, etc. Programs such as in-home autism therapy is something else to start researching as well.

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