A blog from one of our therapists reflecting on their session: 

As I drive home I think about how my workday went. My client was a little cranky when I arrived so I took things nice and slow. I started off with targets that have been mastered previously as a warm up. As the flow of our session continued, I increased the difficulty of the targets. Targets based on math tend to be more aversive for my client because they take longer to complete and require multiple steps. These math targets sometimes lead to aberrant behavior, but we always pull through and continue our work.

Our average therapy session is about three hours long and we get through a lot of material. My client works very hard and I always make sure to give descriptive praise. Reinforcers are essential in therapy and he loves them. One of his biggest reinforcers is getting to go outside for a walk. I like to save our walk for the last few minutes of our day together. We enjoy the beautiful weather as we hold hands and walk around the block.