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Applied Behavioral Consulting (ABC) is a Chicago-based therapy group that goes into the homes of kids with autism to work with them on a personal level.


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Developmental Delays

A developmental delay is occurring when a child is not reaching specific achievements at the expected times. This could take many different forms including gross or fine motor skills, language skills, social skills, or thinking skills. If a child is temporarily not keeping up with peers, but eventually catches up as they grow and mature, it is not a developmental delay.


Autism is a developmental disorder that limits the individual’s ability to communicate and socially interact with others. While it is permanent, conditions can be improved greatly with intervention during the right years in life.

Applied Behavioral Consulting

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About Us

We use ABA therapy to cater directly to the needs of our clients, giving them the intervention they need during the right years. We believe that celebrating & treating every small step as a big achievement creates momentum that builds more confidence.  We help families enter into the world of their child to understand them from a different viewpoint, and we help the child find their own voice along the way, too. 

We are proud to say that all of our therapists are RBT certified and CPR/AED certified. Also, they have all undergone training to learn how to handle seizures. We at ABC believe that the necessary training & certifications are essential in providing the very best treatments for your child.

As a team, we focus on direct communication to keep us moving forward as we change lives, one child at a time.

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