ABC's Mission

Applied Behavioral Consulting

Here at ABC, it's all
about transformations.

Parents of children with autism understandably desire the most effective treatment for their child. At ABC, our commitment is to help children between the ages of 2 and 8-years-old reach their maximum potential. Your son or daughter is capable of so many things, and our services & types of treatment can help them make dramatic gains and produce results that will make an incredible difference in their life.

Our company’s purpose is to help children with developmental delays. Our goal for our clients is to help them so that they can live as independently as possible – in the classroom & in their everyday life!

Are you interested in the most advanced and effective therapies for your child with autism? Are you having difficulty deciding which type of therapy will be most effective for your son or daughter? Take a step in the right direction by contacting ABC today!

Why Choose ABC?

The undying dedication our company has toward our therapy implementers is second to none. Our line therapists and Registered Behavioral Technicians are supported, supervised, and trained to implement these therapies to the highest levels possible. We at ABC believe that the necessary training & certifications are essential in providing the very best treatments for your child. In addition, there are few companies in which the BCBA is also the owner, which ensures that the therapy provided always comes first.

So what differentiates our company from its competitors? We are a therapy company first and a business second! We care about our clients, their well-being, and the progress they make to live their best lives!

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