In-Home Autism therapy Western Springs

Benefits of ABA Therapy at Home

Here at Applied Behavioral Consulting (ABC), we use applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to cater directly to children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old by building confidence and celebrating every small step toward success to help them be more independent and reach their full potential.

The ABA therapy we practice is centered around encouraging good behaviors with a variety of different rewards—from verbal confirmation and celebration to delicious treats, extra play time and favorite toys, among others—to help motivate. Because many behaviors are exhibited at home, having a trained professional there to help teach parents and provide therapy and training to children with autism can be hugely beneficial. Benefits of ABA Therapy at home include:


Adaptive Skills – By choosing home-based autism services that use ABA therapy, practical, everyday skills are focused on more heavily, when compared with therapy confined to a center. It allows specific behaviors exhibited in this natural environment to be focused on and therapists to target individual skills. Even when naturalistic play is assimilated in centers, it is nowhere near the same as concentrating on behaviors that display themselves in a natural home setting.


Undivided Attention – Whereas a center may have group therapy sessions and other clients that need to be served, autism therapy at home allows more focus and one-on-one time to devote to training. Specifically with ABA therapy, this is of great value because undivided attention can be focused on developing pre-academic skills, advancing play skills and other skills that lead to more independence.


Generalization – While some behaviors established in center-based therapy do not transfer to other settings (such as a child’s house or daycare), autism therapy at home sees strides in generalization. By learning and building skills in a natural environment, children are more likely to continue these encouraged behaviors elsewhere.


Highly-Trained Therapists – In addition to going through a rigorous vetting process, the highly-trained individuals who are hired as in-home therapists are also encouraged to continue their training. Often times, there can be more of an incentive to seek additional resources and instruction for those who work in home health, rather than a center where everything is provided.


Family Training – In-home ABA therapy does not only benefit the child undergoing the therapy, it allows the whole family to get involved and learn how different techniques can help behavior improve. Parents receive hands-on training and instruction in a variety of situations as they naturally occur.


Deeper Relationships – Because family members often interact with in-home therapists, they are able to establish relationships that go to a deeper level, as it is often a more personal approach.


The clients we work with are very important to us and we’re always striving to help them reach their full potential with individualized care. If you are interested in learning more about our curriculum and how we use some of the most advanced and effective therapies to benefit children with autism, contact us at 630-402-6060.