A Snapshot Into the Recent Day of One of Our Therapists – 5/23/17

Today I did not get bit, spit on, or hit! Today was a great day! My first client did not sleep well last night, so when I got there in the afternoon he had reached his lack of sleep highpoint of the day. I loved hearing him sing and show off his skills that we have taught him over the past few weeks, but the high pitched voice he answered all of my questions in and the running around asking for goldfish crackers took a toll on me the 2 hours I was with him (Let’s all take a moment to praise the mom who was with him all day). My second client did not go to school today because when a child with autism first uses his words to tell you “I don’t want school” you let him stay home from school! (He was sick over the weekend, totally understandable, I wouldn’t want to go back to school the day after I felt better either!) My final client of the day has been working on putting on ankle socks independently for a few months now. (As many of you that have a child with autism know, self-help tasks that we all take for granted can be a difficult task to teach.) Today I pushed him a little further and gave him some socks that come up just above the ankle, he was hesitant at first and tried asking me for help, but when I told him “go ahead, you can do it!” He got those tricky, long socks on BOTH feet (in less than a minute each might I add). To most people, this does not seem like a big victory, but it was for a child with autism.