We Come to You: A Personalized Approach to Autism Care

We Come to You A Personalized Approach to Autism Care - Applied Behavioral Consulting Blog


At Applied Behavioral Consulting (ABC), we strive to give each child and family the tools they need to reach their goals. No matter whether a parent came to us because of developmental delay or autism diagnosis, we will meet their child where they are at and work with both them and their family to help them reach their goals.

We provide home-based autism services to give one-on-one attention to our clients in the environments they are comfortable in. It is not a typical doctor-patient relationship in which you visit once a year and get advice on where you could improve. We develop a more personal relationship and create a more individualized plan of therapy to benefit each client.

When we knock on the door, many times the children and parents we are working with are thrilled to see us at their home at a time that is convenient for them. They are encouraged by our sessions and want to keep working together.

While it is standard for ABA therapists to focus on the children, we aid this by also addressing and supporting their parents as well. By entering the homes of our clients, we are able to observe behavior firsthand and understand what specific teaching methods need to be implemented to help kids thrive.

The personal relationships we build with clients allow us to instill confidence in the children we are working with and help parents in their journey. We understand that an autism diagnosis affects everyone in the family and we want to support each person, because, ultimately, this will help the child.

By choosing autism therapy at home, we at ABC are able to form deep relationships with our clients. Once they are acclimated and familiar with their therapist, they feel more comfortable, are encouraged and often more motivated in their sessions. In other words, it becomes fun for them.

“For young children with developmental delays, it’s important to take advantage of every possible opportunity to give a child the best possible long term outcome. The comprehensive nature of ABA therapy is a great start. The fact that therapy is done in-home gives the child that extra inside track to success by involving the familiar features of the home environment and its inherent proximity to parents who will ultimately have the most impact on their child’s long term development. The combination of these features creates an environment most conducive to success,” explains Joseph Mitchell, Project Director at Applied Behavioral Consulting.

Giving them individualized attention and focusing on positive behaviors in our behavior plans is not only a lesson for them, but for their parents as well. Seeing them improve and how much they enjoy the therapy sessions is why we do what we do. We strive to help them meet milestones and become more independent, one step at a time, through ABA therapy.

If you are searching for “autism therapy near me” and interested in how our therapists and Registered Behavioral Technicians can work with you and your child to help everything from their receptive language to basic attending and motor skills, give us a call at 630-402-6060. We are here to help develop important life skills and would love to talk to you today about how we can help your child.