How Our Feeding Program Brings Families Together

In my experience so far with the feeding program, I have seen it change not only the life of the child but for the entire family. In my first ever experience with the feeding we worked with a child who only ate Doritos, Oreos, Goldfish and one type of cereal.  With a lot of our clients, we see a very rigid diet, which is labeled a “beige diet.”  The beige diet is high in carbohydrates and low in fruits and vegetables. This program was extremely tough at first, but after a week of trying to get the child to eat one piece of banana, it got easier and easier. It became easier because as the therapist and parents collaborated and ended up finding a toy that the child would bend over for. Once we found that, the child would eat ANYTHING to play with this toy. It was amazing to see all the food the child began eating. The best part of this is that really touched my heart was when the parent told me they finally had a family dinner at their kitchen table where everyone was eating the same food.