Support for Our Parents

Here at Applied Behavioral Consulting (ABC), our therapists are specially trained to connect children & people with autism, their families, and caretakers to the information, tools, and resources they need to live their lives to the fullest. In addition to caring for & performing ABA therapy for children with autism, we also want their parents to know that we are here to provide them with the helpful, emotional support they may need.

A resource that we provide to our parents includes monthly support groups. Our support groups are intended for parents of children with autism to learn from and support each other. Our support groups offer a place for parents to share their unique experiences, to get information and advice, & to make new friends along the way.

Each support group session is free & will be held the second Thursday of every month at the Burr Ridge Community Center. Every session will be facilitated by one of ABC’s lead therapists and will cover different topics including stress management techniques, self-care & familial wellness tips, and more. Also, guest speakers are always a possibility, in that it is especially valuable to listen to & learn from someone who has experienced a similar situation. Any parent or guardian is welcome to attend – the more people the better, as we can all learn new things from listening to each other’s experiences.

If you feel like you need someone to talk to, just remember that you can always lean on us for support!

Interested in joining our parent support group? Contact us today!