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If you are considering in-home autism therapy for your child, you may benefit from a free consultation during which you can better understand the therapy and our therapists can get to know your child better.

What are the benefits of in-home autism therapy?

There are many benefits to carrying out autism therapy in your home. The first and most obvious is that the home is a natural environment for children. They are more likely to exhibit genuine behaviors and feel much more comfortable than if treatment was provided in our center. Working in your home also offers our therapists the chance to witness behavior first-hand and address issues as they arise. It also provides a larger information base from which therapists can better understand the dynamics and triggers that cause certain behavior. It is also a great opportunity for parents to learn from our therapists about how to alter their care for their child and for siblings to get involved in the therapy. As new challenges arise, therapists can coach parents in new and different ways of addressing them. Rather than work in the abstract, both parents and therapists can work with a child’s real-life behavior.

How In-Home Autism Therapy Works

Our curriculum is roughly divided into three sections. As your child develops, he will progress through each of the sections. We start by teaching the fundamental skills necessary for learning. From there, we tailor our program to your child to lead them towards self-sufficiency. The amount of time we commit to the program and to each child depends on their needs. Some programs can be six days per week while others might only be a couple.

Because in-home autism therapy is so personal, treatment plans will always be tailored to the individual child. Working from first-hand knowledge, general plans will be tweaked so that they are unique and as effective as possible.

Requesting a Free Consultation

If, like many of our clients, you have been searching online for “Autism therapy near me” or “ABA therapy near me” your search is almost over. ABC is one of the leading providers of in-home autism therapy in Illinois. The next step is to make use of our free consultation to find out more about our therapists and to offer us a chance to get to know your child. Our therapists can visit your home at a time that is convenient to you. During the consultation, they will discuss how therapy works and take the time to better understand the unique issues your child is experiencing. Sign up for a free consultation today by using our contact form or by calling us on 815.267.6354.

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