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How Many Hours of Therapy Will My Child Need?

It can be exhausting researching the different types of therapies available for children with autism. Like many parents, you have chosen to use Applied Behavioral Analysis therapy to help your child, but how many hours of therapy does your child actually need?


Therapy can be very costly, so it is necessary to known how many hours of therapy your child actually needs. Much research suggests that autistic children should receive 40 hours of ABA therapy a week. 40 hours of therapy a week has produced amazing results in autistic children’s learning, education, life skills and social skills.


The amount of therapy a child should receive a week also depends on the individual child, too. After autistic children start understanding their new structured routine of therapy, they will begin gaining skills that will allow them, overtime, to receive less hours of therapy per week.


It is usually beneficial for autistic children to start out receiving 40 hours of ABA therapy a week. 40 hours every week might seem intense, but this gives your child a structured routine that continuously increases their skills.


40 hours of ABA therapy can be expensive, but your child will quickly gain skills and confidence. Click here for more information about the ABA services located near you, or visit Applied Behavioral Consulting near Countryside, IL to talk to a licensed therapist about setting up a therapy plan for your child.