How to prepare your child for an ABA therapy session

There are many things a parent can do to prepare their child for a productive ABA therapy session.  One of the most important things is to go out and purchase both edible and tangible reinforcers. In ABA therapy, we focus on positive reinforcement, or giving a reward for a desired behavior.  We praise your child for every little thing they do right, so the likelihood of it happening again is higher.  For these reinforcers to be at their strongest, these reinforcers also need to be withheld from your child outside of therapy.  Another important thing is to pick a low-traffic room of the house for therapy to occur in.  Eliminating distractions during therapy sessions also increases the likelihood of desired behavior to occur.  Lastly, establish a consistent routine with your child for eating, sleeping and his or her therapy schedule.  Routine is key to ensuring therapy sessions run smoothly.