Read words from our staff this #abctherapistthursday:

The kiddos I work with do incredible things every day, and I am lucky enough to be a part of it. A lot of times I even get to witness things before parents and other family members do. These special moments are important to the kiddos and myself. Today this amazing child stood up, pointed at the picture of a toilet, said “Potty” and walked to the stairs waiting for the therapist to take her upstairs. As the therapist that has worked with her every day practicing on teaching her what a “potty” is, I teared up as I watched her grow and be able to express to me what she needs. To parents whose kid is not on the spectrum this may seem like a simple task. However, to a nonverbal child that has less than 18 words in their vocabulary this is absolutely incredible. This moment today reminded me why what I do is so important. I have been given the opportunity to help children find their voice, to learn to express themselves, and to teach them to be more independent. Each day this child will learn more and more skills and I get to be a part of it. Though not every day is easy each day is sprinkled with many successes that I will never take for granted.