Potty Training Program

Our Potty Training Program

Potty training your child might seem impossible. There is no right age to start potty training your child. For some toddlers, mastering the toilet is a daunting task that can last weeks, months, or even years. Every child is different-some get it and others struggle. Don’t worry parents! We are here to help!

Our detailed formula for success will typically have your boy or girl independently urinating in the toilet in only 3-4 days. We provide you with all the information you will need including helpful tips and pointers as well.

Broken down into simple terms, it takes four main steps:

Step 1: Give the child plenty of liquids.

Step 2: Sit him/her on the toilet and stay in the bathroom with him/her for entertainment and encouragement.

Step 3: When the child successfully uses the toilet, reward the good behavior.

Step 4: Take a break, then start over again.

If accidents happen along the way, we’ve got you covered. Our program includes everything you will need to successfully potty train your child and have them independently use the bathroom within a few days.

Potty Package Includes:

Our services are now extending beyond our current clients and children with developmental delays! We are offering these services for all children in need of potty training! 

Initial consultation with a potty specialist
Training on the potty procedure to be carried out by parents
3 hours of direct implementation of the potty procedure with a trained potty specialist
Additional consultation through text/phone calls/e-mails after 3 hours of direct implementation throughout 4 day period
If additional hours/days of direct implementation are needed, they will be billed hourly at $45/hour

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