Telehealth Program

ABC is committed to delivering exceptional, safe and effective programming to the families we serve. Due to the current circumstances, Telehealth is the preferred method for ABC to deliver ABA therapy into your homes. Using a secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing platform, our therapists have the ability to provide an evaluation, consultation, assessment, or treatment remotely from their location to your family’s preferred space. Below are some of the services and training we provide via Telehealth, what you’ll need to get started, and the benefits of continuing ABA services using this method.

Services Provided via Telehealth

Parent training
Online classes for parents
Behavior Plan with strategies to address specific behaviors

Family Wellness Counseling
ABC Program implementation, supervision, and progress monitoring

What Client Will Need

Computer, Tablet, Phone
Webcam and Microphone
Download and use the secure HIPAA compliant video conferencing software used for sessions

Prep a quiet, distraction-free space for a Telehealth session

Child sitting at a table is preferred
Away from siblings
No other electronics running in the background (TV, music, others on tablets)
Parents can sit next to them to help navigate and/or redirect if needed


Flexible scheduling
Generalization of skills across environments
Taking place in the child’s natural environment