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The Importance of Celebrating Your Child’s Successes

The Importance of Celebrating Your Child’s Successes Celebrating your child’s success is an incredible way to nourish and encourage their progress and growth. By praising both in-therapy and everyday successes, no matter how big or small, parents unlock one of the most powerful tools to support and connect with their child in their continued development.   Guiding Your Child Through the Highs and Lows As a parent, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing your child overcome obstacles and take risks—whether they even realize it themselves. Both the milestones and little accomplishments reveal just how far your child has come.  
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The Effects of ABA Therapy

      The Effects of ABA Therapy Applied behavior analysis—ABA therapy—is used by a wide range of professionals to help individuals at all age levels. It is not just one technique, but many methods utilized to encourage and improve life skills. Because of this, the effects and outcomes vary, especially as different techniques are applied to decrease, increase, maintain and transfer behaviors important to social interaction and engagement.   Some of the most common effects of ABA therapy include: Increased language Functional communication skill development Improved attention Better social skills Memory improvement Increased focus Academic skill development Decrease in
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Benefits of ABA Therapy at Home

  Benefits of ABA Therapy at Home Here at Applied Behavioral Consulting (ABC), we use applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy to cater directly to children between the ages of 2 and 8 years old by building confidence and celebrating every small step toward success to help them be more independent and reach their full potential. The ABA therapy we practice is centered around encouraging good behaviors with a variety of different rewards—from verbal confirmation and celebration to delicious treats, extra play time and favorite toys, among others—to help motivate. Because many behaviors are exhibited at home, having a trained professional
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