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How to Explain Autism to Kids

    How to Explain Autism to Kids How do you explain a complex concept to your child? You likely start by finding out what your child knows, or what the child thinks they know. When your child has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it is best to explain it to them. Most importantly, because this is an opportunity to explain this to them correctly and to be sure they don’t get the wrong information from someone or somewhere else. Regardless of what risks you may think you may be opening them to – fear of teasing, bullying,
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Raising a Child With Autism: Five Myths of Autism

  Raising a Child With Autism: Five Myths of Autism   Autism Spectrum Disorder, or Autism, is characterized by challenges with social skills speech and non-verbal communications, repetitive behaviors, and by unique strengths and differences among those it effects. Autism is not the same in every person and in fact, there are many types; it is unique in each person and therefore was named to Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD. Understanding Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorder is important in order to understand whether the information is truth or myth. Therapies are successful in treating children and people with autism. ABC
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