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Why Personalized Care is Better

The licensed therapists at Applied Behavioral Consulting are trained in delivering personalized care to help children with autism. Our therapists tailor the curriculum and programs to every individual child to teach the essential social, educational, and life skills needed to thrive is all environments.


We offer many programs that help your child learn and grown. Our curriculum consists of three sections: The Beginning Curriculum, The Intermediate Curriculum, and the Advanced Curriculum. Your child will progress through all three sections as they expand their knowledge and acquire more skills.


The Beginning Curriculum teaches skills such as imitating, matching, early receptive language, basic attending skills, and fine/gross motor skills. The intermediate Curriculum teaches social skills and pre-academic skills. The advanced curriculum teaches independence, appropriate social interactions through conversation, and advancing play skills.


After completing all three sections of our curriculum, your child will understand the skills that are required to be successful in a typical classroom setting. Also, we offer many programs that coincide with our curriculum. These programs include potty training, feeding, parent training, and peer interaction therapy.


Here at ABC, we understand that no two kids are alike. Instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach to your child’s education and growth, we hand-tailor our curriculum and programs to fit every individual child. Working with your child on a personal level will not only create a consistent routine that is familiar, but your child will also feel comfortable meeting and exceeding their goals.


Our licensed therapists are RBT certified, CPR/AED certified, and certified in handling seizures. Click here for more information about the wonderful services at ABC near Countryside, IL.