A Word From One Of Our Therapists

Becoming an ABA therapist has been the most rewarding decision I have made in life. I have found working with children with ASD has proven to be the most gratifying work I have been part of. Since becoming an ABA therapist, my life has become more complete, as I have fulfilled a desire to be able to provide assistance to others while watching them succeed.

While I provide therapy to the client’s, the client’s in turn have taught me to increase my patience as well as become more sympathetic. Even though I had patience prior to becoming an ABA therapist, I have found at times when a client is frustrated when they cannot comprehend something, the therapist can in turn become frustrated. I take these opportunities to implement and improvise new teaching strategies to help them master the task to reverse the client’s frustration into enjoyment.

Along with becoming more patient, the client’s have taught me to become more sympathetic to ASD. I will never be able to empathize with a client, however, being able to sympathize has led me to reflect on what the client’s deficits are and help to provide what I feel are the best teaching methods for each individual.