A Word on Potty Training From One of Our Therapists

Potty training is one of the more unique types of therapy that we offer at our company. I began potty training children even before I became a therapist. It was very challenging in the beginning. By challenging it is never easy to see a child uncomfortable and it’s very hard to try and console a parent who is not used to their child being upset. I’d like to say that I have seen it all but every child and family brings a different experience in their training. I have successfully potty trained close to a dozen children while working with our company and each time is such an amazing experience to see a child be able to become acclimated to the bathroom on their own. Our process is four days of rigorous teaching and a high intensity of reinforcement. You begin to see the child become aware of themselves and what their capable of. We stride to reach in-dependency and accuracy for each individual we work with.