Travel Hacks This Holiday Season

9 Holiday Travel Hacks for Parents of Kids with Autism

With the holidays approaching, traveling is bound to happen. But traveling to visit friends and family can disrupt the schedules and routines of children on the spectrum. Below are some helpful tips to consider before, during, and upon arrival to your holiday destination.

Consider the location

Make sure to research the location of your family’s holiday trip. If your child enjoys and is relaxed around nature, consider planning a family hiking trip. The holidays are busy enough, but taking the time to research different locations allows you to make the best decision for your family.

Talk about the trip

To prepare your child for the upcoming trip, open communication between you and your child is vital. This means that parents should talk often about the forthcoming trip with as much detail as possible. Planned activities, the dates of the trip, what will be done each day of the trip, and even role playing may help reduce and anxiety within your child.

Plan before you pack

Planning ahead ensures that everything goes as smoothly as possible. Whether that be creating a checklist of items or simply looking something up on the internet, it is crucial to have everything your child needs during a holiday trip. For example, a checklist of items your child absolutely needs during an outing will eliminate disconcerting feelings.

Bring activities

There is a lot of down time while you’re traveling. Sitting for hours is not always fun, but bringing toys and activities for your child to play with will combat the relentless, “Are we there yet?” questions.

Have fun

Holiday trips are all about fun, love and family. Make sure to enjoy your time together and create a lot of memories. Looking through scrapbooks and photo albums is always a cherished family tradition around the holidays.

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