About ABC Therapy Clinics

ABC’s services and therapy techniques cater directly to the needs of our clients, providing critical interventions needed during a child’s formative years. We believe that celebrating and treating every small step as a big achievement creates momentum that builds a child’s confidence in their abilities. We help parents enter into the world of their child to understand them from a different viewpoint, and we help the child find their own voice along the way, too.

ABC Therapy Clinics holds BHCOE accreditation, which has been a critical part in ensuring delivery of high quality ABA services. All of ABC’s therapists are RBT certified, CPR/AED certified, and Seizure Recognition & First Aid certified. We believe the necessary training and certifications are essential in reducing turnover, maintaining safe environments, and providing effective therapy services for your child.

As a team, we focus on direct communication to keep us moving forward as we change lives, one family at a time. Learn more about our team and who will have a hand in your child’s success.

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Our Mission

Parents and caregivers of children with autism want the most effective autism therapy techniques for their child. At ABC Therapy Clinics, our commitment is to help children reach their maximum potential. We have many motivations for what we do but it all boils down to two key points:

  • Our Purpose – To help children meet developmental milestones.
  • Our Goal – To help our clients confidently live as independently as possible – in the classroom and in their everyday life!

As a team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs), Occupational Therapists (OTs), and Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs), we understand that every child has undiscovered strengths and abilities. Our ABA therapy services help children tap into their true potential and produce socially significant outcomes that will make an incredible difference in their future.

Diversity Statement

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We value the differences that make you an individual and celebrate your visible and invisible qualities.

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We welcome that each individual person brings a unique perspective and experience to advance our mission and progress our advocacy for the health, education, and opportunity for all.

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We believe that each ABC team member, client, family, caregiver, and advocate must have equal access to solving community challenges.

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We strive to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion practices at the center of our business and clinical methods.

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We commit to fostering a diverse, equitable and inclusive organizational culture that encompasses our legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities.

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An Open Letter to Parents

Welcome to ABC Therapy Clinics, an organization dedicated to providing families and children with the highest quality applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy and treatment plans throughout the Chicagoland area.

It is our mission to cultivate a nurturing and individualized learning environment for each and every child that passes through our program.

Through our unique approach to ABA therapy for autism, we hope to create a new brand of treatment while providing the highest level of service by the most qualified, experienced behavioral professionals..

We are committed to that cause.

Our Definition of ABA Therapy Techniques and Treatment

One of the truly unique aspects of our practice is the definition of “treatment.” It is a standard practice among service providers of ABA therapy for autism to focus their goals on the development of the child. We will continue to support this goal by expanding our programs to address the needs of parents as well. We want to better understand the needs of our parents, and refine those needs into program objectives that advance and support the children in our programs. A properly supported and educated parent can carry out aspects of treatment in the natural environment that will greatly enhance the effectiveness of ABA therapy for developmental disorders. We hope to assist parents in cultivating the skills that are required to achieve a lifetime of the best possible results. The most effective program is one that involves the education and support of family members, which is why we prioritize the inclusion of caregivers in our ABA therapy techniques.

ABC Therapy Clinics’ Connections, Community and Care

In addition to reaching out to other like-minded ABA therapy organizations in Illinois (and the country) it’s important for us to make our own special impact on the autism world. Through our website and social media channels, we want to create a new culture surrounding the world of autism. We see our digital presence as more than a place to introduce our services; more importantly, they are forums where parents who have “been there before” can help guide caregivers just arriving at the scene to practical, “on the ground” advice and resources. We also intend to share ideas and stories from professionals, staff, and parents to provide the necessary support and education while maintaining the highest quality and most effective ABA therapy for autism.

We are excited at the potential of ABC Therapy Clinics, and we’re confident this will be a unique experience for everyone involved. ABC’s autism services fulfill high expectations and spur new ideas, where individuality and ingenuity are prized without sacrificing the fundamental principles and values that make ABA therapy for autism, the most effective treatment out there.

Finally, over the past decade I have spent providing autism services, I have learned a great deal of lessons about autism therapy, family dynamics, and the ways in which a well-created team of professionals interacts with any given family in their respective homes. My promise to you is that your family will always be treated with care, sensitivity, and respect because it is an honor and a privilege to be chosen to provide this service to your child. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with our commitment, and my goal is to bring nothing but integrity to a field that was created first and foremost to help others.

It is my pleasure to welcome everyone to the ABC Therapy Clinic family!

Joe Mitchell, BCBA

“Our BCBA is fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone that joins ABC. They go above and beyond for our family, it definitely shows with our child’s progress over the past years. Most people don’t see the little improvements but they definitely do.”

– Yorkville family

“ABC is amazing and they care about the children not about the money and you can’t say that about many companies these days!”

– Naperville family

“Words cannot describe how grateful our family is for ABC. Our child’s therapist and case manager are absolutely amazing. The care and concern they show to our child and our family are like no other clinic we have experienced. They truly customize our child’s goals and challenge them appropriately to use their skills. We would recommend ABC without any reservation. The team consists of wonderful people who genuinely care for our child and us as the parents. Thank you ABC!”

– Westmont family

“I love this company. Such an amazing culture, they genuinely care about the kids and put so much effort into keeping their employees happy and providing high quality services to the kids they serve.”

“Love working for this company! There is opportunity for growth and I feel supported each step of the way.”

“ABC offers a very supportive environment to their employees. The teamwork here is amazing.”

The Future is Bright With ABC Therapy Clinics

At ABC, we are here to help both clients – and their families – every step of the way. Getting started has never been easier, even if you are new to the process. Ready to provide your child with the support they need?

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