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In-Home ABA Therapy Services

Are you looking for in-home autism therapy for your child? ABC Therapy Clinics is a Chicago-based therapy group that supports your child in their natural environment to experience care on a personal level. As a team, we focus on maintaining a line of direct communication with both the child and caregiver(s) to keep us moving forward as we change lives, one child at a time.

The Benefits of In-Home ABA Therapy for Children with Autism

At ABC Therapy Clinics, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is utilized as an effective intervention for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and developmental delays, helping them develop essential skills and improve their overall quality of life.

While ABA therapy can be conducted in various settings, such as our Plainfield and Yorkville clinics, an increasingly popular option for a wide range of patient needs is in-home therapy. This approach brings therapy sessions directly into the child’s familiar environment, offering unique advantages and beneficial responses to therapy due to an increased level of comfortability.

  • Your home is a natural environment that your child will feel comfortable in. This allows them to exhibit genuine behaviors, feel much more comfortable in their own setting, and get more out of each and every therapy session.
  • In-home ABA therapy enables ABC’s trained therapists to work directly with the child on a one-on-one basis. This personalized therapy approach allows the therapist to tailor the therapy sessions to the specific needs and interests of the child over time, allowing for a better patient-therapist relationship and learning outcomes.
  • Autism therapy in your home also offers our therapists the chance to witness behavior first-hand and address issues as they arise. It also provides a larger information base from which therapists can better understand the dynamics and triggers that cause certain behavior.
  • It is also a great opportunity for parents to learn from our therapists about how to alter their care for their child and for siblings to get involved in the therapy. As new challenges arise, therapists can coach parents in new and different ways of addressing them. Rather than work in the abstract, both parents and therapists can work with a child’s real-life behavior.

If in-home therapy is not the solution you require, ABC Therapy Clinics also offers in-clinic therapy at our state-of-the-art facilities. Having a range of options to choose from allows each child to have their needs properly addressed and receive therapy in an environment that is most beneficial to them. At ABC, we are more than happy to work with you in providing the exact specifications your child needs to succeed.

ABA Therapy Clinic Locations

ABC Therapy Clinic Locations

We are proud to offer multiple clinic-based therapy centers. This allows us to help a greater number of patients and provide convenience for their families. We currently have ABA therapy locations in:

Alternative ABA Therapy Options

Alternative ABA Therapy Options

If in-clinic ABA therapy is not your child’s best learning environment, we are proud to offer in-home ABA therapy sessions.

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ABC’s Custom Curriculum for In-Home ABA Therapy

While in-home therapy is incredibly beneficial for the patient, their therapy journey will still progress in a structured way. Our in-home therapy curriculum is divided into three sections:

  1. Beginning Curriculum
  2. Intermediate Curriculum
  3. Advanced Curriculum

As your child develops, they will progress through each of the sections. We start by teaching the fundamental skills necessary for learning. From there, we tailor our program to your child to lead them toward self-sufficiency. The amount of time we commit to the program and to each child depends on their needs. Some programs can be as much as six days per week while others might only be a couple days a week.

Because in-home autism therapy is so personal, treatment plans will always be tailored to the individual child. Working from first-hand knowledge, general plans will be modified so that they are as unique and effective as possible.

We are proud to say that all of our skilled therapists are RBT-certified and CPR/AED-certified. Also, they have all undergone training to learn how to handle seizures. At ABC, providing the very best treatments for your child means our therapists and specialists need to have the highest level of training. Learn more about our passionate therapists here.

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ABC Therapy Clinics are therapy centers offering clinic-based ABA therapy and other services for children with autism spectrum disorder and various developmental delays. With multiple therapy center locations and options, it is easy to find a solution that works best for your child.

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