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In-Clinic ABA Therapy

ABC Therapy Clinics is proud to offer in-clinic ABA therapy services for the Chicagoland area. Not only does this setting allow our therapists to cater directly to the needs of our clients, but this setting will also offer unique opportunities for the children to learn and grow from each other as well as therapists.

The clinic will address the pre-requisite skills required to be successful in a classroom environment while also targeting functional communication, independence, and social skills. We believe that celebrating every small step as a big achievement creates momentum that builds more confidence, and the added benefits of receiving therapy in a clinic setting only provide further support.

The Benefits of In-Clinic ABA Therapy Services

ABC Therapy Clinics’ expertise and experience in providing therapy services allow us to emphasize the clinic’s commitment to high-quality care and evidence-based practices with every client that comes through our doors.

At each of our clinic locations, clients have access to our full range of ABA therapy techniques and services. Besides one-on-one therapy sessions, your child will have access to whatever they need to succeed, including occupational therapy, and more.

Not only will they receive the latest treatments in the field, but they will do so with our expert team of pediatric professionals. ABC Therapy Clinics is committed to employing highly skilled and certified therapists to ensure your child receives the individualized attention they deserve. We are proud to say that all of our therapists are RBT certified, CPR/AED certified, and have all undergone in-depth seizure response training. ABC Therapy Clinics believes that the necessary training and certifications are essential in providing the very best treatments for your child.

And in order to receive the best treatment, this means individualized ABA therapy plans designed exclusively to meet your child where they are currently in their development while working together with our therapists to take them further. Treatment plans are developed collaboratively with input from both the client and their family or caregiver(s) throughout the entire process, and structured with ABC’s unique curriculum stages.

While our treatment plans, therapists, and ABA therapy techniques allow a positive experience at ABC Therapy Clinics, our clinic-based therapy comes with an extra benefit: our state-of-the-art facilities as well as the frequent support of the BCBA/Clinical Director. The modern and well-equipped therapy centers at ABC Therapy Clinics have been specially designed for children with autism and developmental delays to provide a safe, nurturing environment. With specialized equipment and resources available to support your child’s ABA therapy services, ABC Therapy Clinics create a comfortable and conducive environment that fulfills every child’s needs.

ABA Therapy Clinic Locations

ABC Therapy Clinic Locations

We are proud to offer multiple clinic-based therapy centers. This allows us to help a greater number of patients and provide convenience for their families. We currently have ABA therapy locations in:

Alternative ABA Therapy Options

Alternative ABA Therapy Options

If in-clinic ABA therapy is not your child’s best learning environment, we are proud to offer in-home ABA therapy sessions.

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ABC Therapy Clinics are therapy centers offering clinic-based ABA therapy and other services for children with autism spectrum disorder and various developmental delays. With multiple therapy center locations and options, it is easy to find a solution that works best for your child.

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