A day in the life of an #ABAtherapist: 

… is difficult to define because each day will be different. This is one of the things I enjoy most about ABA. All clients are different and everyday is different. With this being said it is no secret that there are some good days and some difficult days. Both of them will be memorable, but for me the good outweighs the bad. For me one of the best days I can remember is the first time one of my clients mastered something that I had taught h For me, it was a sense of validation and fulfillment of my getting comfortable and beginning to have some success. This is a field that can be very self- awarding because you feel you are making a difference, and that is evident when you see a client master out of something. That day really boosted my confidence and made feel more part of the team and that I could contribute more to the team and client’s program. Once again, with good days also comes not so good days. A few days ago, I had a client that was having a very rough day consisting of multiple outbursts with mom and myself. When this is happening it’s very difficult to not take it personally and feel that it is something you are doing wrong. You have to stay positive and focused in hopes to bring that to the child. His outburst lasted about 30 minutes that day, I had to run a lot of maintenance targets and increase reinforcement to eventually calm him down. It takes a lot of patience and positivity to get through situations like these, but one must stay confident and not take things personally, and always think of what is best for the client. Overall, being an ABA therapist requires many skills and is not for everyone, but those who do love it truly find a passion for it.