A Word From One of Our Therapists:

While talking with a former colleague I was asked what I was doing in my career. This is always a hard question to answer when someone has never heard of ABA therapy.  After a very confusing and lengthy response she had checked out.  While driving to my session I thought of the hundreds of responses that, that question could have stimulated.  I arrived to my session and my client was on an absolute roll.  She was patient and very compliant the entire session.  She finally earned a 3-minute break. While she was on her break I received our new company promotional video.  I placed my phone on silent and started the video. Not knowing it didn’t silent everything on my phone a familiar therapist voice began to speak. This had sparked her interested.  She manded perfectly to see what was on the phone.  Reinforcing her for her hard work, I agreed to let her sit next to me and watch the video with me.  She was overly excited to see all of the therapists and children in the video.  As the video was coming to an end my client had put her arm around mine and told me to look at the phone.  “Look! Look that’s my family! My friend!” She responded, as tears ran down my eyes I thought, THAT is something I could not explain to someone else of my career.  While building a learning foundation for the children we work with, we also stride to provide the best care and love that these children need and deserve.